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Pro-Action Café with Knowmads Hanoi

Updated at Sunday, 08 Jan 2017, 16:12
The Hanoitimes - Come have a coffee with some cool people from the creative business school Knowmads Hanoi and discuss how you can turn your ideas into action.
Do you have an exciting project or idea that could create something positive in the world? Could it use the help of other people to move forward?
Do you want to share ideas and join forces with other changemakers to help bringing those projects forward?
Pro-Action Cafe is back for the 4th time! Knowmads Hanoi invites you into an engaging and inspiring space of collaboration to bring projects forward! This will be an opportunity to get input for your project or to contribute ideas and join other inspiring projects.
What do we mean by “project”? Maybe a dream or idea that you wanted to start but didn’t have the opportunity yet. Or an interesting task at your workplace that you would love to get input from smart people. Or a question that if you gain some insights you could change something important in your life. Or whatever you think a project is!
If you don’t have any project, it will be a fantastic chance to get to know other cool people, provide input on their projects and maybe even join an inspiring initiative! Much better than staying home having a Tết hangover, right? ;)
This event will be a hosted process using Pro-Action Cafe, a collaborative methodology for moving projects from ideas into action developed by practitioners in the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter.
Fee: you choose! All the profit generated at this contribution-based event will go for partial scholarships to people who are passionate about joining Knowmads Hanoi Team 7 but have serious financial difficulties.
Language requirement: the Pro Action Cafe will be conducted in English.
Pro-Action Café will take place on 09 Feb 2017, 7 – 10 pm, at Moonwork Co-working Space No.34, Alley 28B, Dien Bien Phu Str, Hanoi.
Chi Le
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