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Tourism “hunts” silver customer generation

Updated at Thursday, 10 Aug 2017, 13:23
The Hanoitimes - The Real Estate Services Provider Savills Vietnam commented that the number of “silver” tourists (of age over 65) has increased considerably over the past decade. They are the target of resort tourism during low season.
According to a report by Savills Vietnam, the number of tourists in the silver generation (tourists who are over 65) has significantly increased during the past decade. Notably, 48.1% of the over 65 populations in Europe are traveling abroad. 
Foreign tourists in the walking street near Hoan Kiem Lake.
Foreign tourists in the walking street near Hoan Kiem Lake.
Higher incomes and better health conditions are favorable conditions helping silver travelers to travel more than before. During the financial crisis of 2008, this group of tourists made a significant contribution to the tourism industry, offsetting for the reduction in tourism budget of the 21 – 34 age group (or Millennial generation) and 35 – 49 (X generation) during this period. 

Previously, the low season was usually the time when tourism destinations lack customers. However, “silver” tourists with the ability to travel off peak season would become the target of resort tourism during this time. As a result, tours need to have the flexibility with regard to destinations and activities in order to attract more silver visitors. 

In addition, the “silver” generation of tourists may travel several times a year, so they want to visit places and participate in a variety of activities. By 2030, with the higher demand for travel of older clients, we will see a greater diversity of tourism targets.

According to Savills Vietnam evaluation, together with an increase of silver tourists, tourist operators will focus on single tourist. Statistics from Skyscanner shows that, single tourist contributes to 24% of the total number of tourists in 2015, up to 15% from 2013. Moreover, female tourists are more diversified in term of the age, they are more flexible in choosing time and place than travelling in group.

Tourism is quickly adapted to the demand of single tourist, with more tailor-made services and tourist products offered for this kind of tourist. Technology development will simplify the process of planning, booking and changing destination for tourists of various age groups, those got use to the way of booking online over the past 10 years.
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