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A breakthrough for tourism in the search

Updated at Friday, 04 Nov 2016, 10:03
The Hanoitimes - The "handshake" between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with VTV and SUN Group in a long-term promotion program to be broadcast is a good signal for Vietnam tourism.
10 million of international tourist as a goal
Within the first nine months of 2016, international visitors to Vietnam reached 7.2 million that travel businessman has been cheerful. Compared to the number of tens of million passengers per year coming to other countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, etc. our number are odd.
Vietnam spends only USD 2 million/year for the tourism promotion, while our neighboring countries spend tens millions, even hundreds millions of USD. Perhaps due to limited resources, the newly elected Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism earnestly sought to strengthen the promotion, not only on the State's budget. VTV- Trip - Traveling with VTV is broadcasted daily and an intensive show every weekend is the first move of handshake between governing authorities and enterprises.
This is not the first time VTV implemented such travel program. However, VTV Trip is an intensive promotion of tourism. With 4 versions on television, the program provides an overview of Vietnam tourism and product made for different travelers. Weekly 10-minute version and a monthly 30-minute version bring comprehensive information, intensive analysis and comments on policies, experiences and trends in tourism development in Vietnam and around the world to support governing authorities in particular and to orientate tourism business partners in general.
The 30-second version, 2-minute version aired from Monday to Friday on the VTV really become a place to introduce attractive destinations with striking images and emotional pride in the beauty of the country and Vietnamese people.
"Not only to promote an insight tourism to  VTV audience, but also through media channels on the internet, VTV Trip will be an important information channel for international travelers to access" – the General Director Tourism, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan said. To approach this new promotion, the Minister of  Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thien hope that Vietnam would welcome not only 8.5 million of international visitors as set goal but also 10 million of visitors by 2016.
Positive signs for promotion activities
Demonstrating the sound management in travel promotion, the Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien also proposed that after a month of broadcasting, the Ministry and VTV will hold a meeting to discuss some changes and adjustment of some irrational contents. "I hope that the post-program result should be a  specific number effectively.
Tourists to Vietnam increased, how does the income increase for tourism employees? "- he said. And importantly, VTV Trip is not operated by VAT fund or by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, but supported by Sun Group. This is a good signal for the tourism promotion of enterprises.
In the context of the tourism sector is facing many difficulties such as travel promotion activities are evaluated fragmented, unprofessional due to lack of funding for many years, the participation of enterprises to support the promotion, expand market, train human resources, etc. is said to be one of the "leverage" to travel to make an important breakthrough.
The  Deputy Chief of Hanoi Tourism Association, Mr. Vu Chinh Dong assessed "At present, the State has reserved funds for tourism promotion, but this fund is limited and modest. Therefore, the contribution of enterprise sharing difficulties with the State is essential to help a better promotion, send a national tourism image. " CEO of Sun Group Mr. Dang Minh Truong admitted " Vietnam Travel has not developed in conformity with our existing potential. As a Travel enterprise, we feel our responsibility for joining with the governing authorities in travel promotion".
The cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with VTV and Sun Group is only the starting landmark. If things goes smooth, travel promotion is no longer depended on the State Budget as it was previously.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Lan
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