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Interesting experience at Detrang (White Goat) Farm

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The Hanoitimes - When coming to the Detrang Farm in Ba Vi district, Hanoi capital, visitors will participate in activities related to animals such as watching, feeding, milking, riding trailers, as well as some games, including blind man’s buff, goat herding, goat finding, animal drawing.
Children participate in a game at the farrm.
Children participate in a game at the farrm.
Detrang Farm, the first pedagogical – working farm of its kind in Vietnam. Located 50 kilometers from Hanoi, boasting a lush green area of more than 12 hectares right at the foot of Ba Vi mountain, Detrang farm is the first pedagogical farm of its kind in Vietnam based on working farm’s model.
Detrang Farm can make an opportunity for each visitor to relive the childhood memories as well as interaction with nature, enhancing environment awareness, promoting soft skills, tightening social bonds through fun andeducational agricultural related activities.
Detrang Farm owns beautiful natural scenery with lush rice fields, forests and lush green lake.

At the farm
At the farm
Detrang Farm is pedagogical farm following model of working farm – that means the farm works real. This brings real and meaningful experience instead of conveying theory or examples or models. Detrang Farm is divided into 4 playing grounds, 6 functional grounds and 1 residential quarter for the workers of the farm.
The farm has 4 main playing grounds. The area of goat, cow and sheep consists of stables and paddocks for Swiss goat, Dutch dairy cows, sheep, Indian buffalo, boar.
Here, the Detrang Farm hold activities related to animals such as watching, feeding, milking, riding trailers, some games such as blind man’s buff, goat herding, goat finding, animal drawing.
Besides, the village area in the farm is deeply imbued with national identity and northern countryside culture such as village gate, banian-tree, lake, market, roof tile houses, grounds for buffalo herding and kite flying.
Next to is lotus pond, waterlily pond, rice paddy field, reed marshes, treeswings and monkey bridge. There are activities such as the old master, racing boat, throwing, catching loaches in the jar, breaking clay pots, catching duck, and some traditional games such as seesaw, bamboo jacks, mandarin square capturing.
At noon, visitors will enjoy the special dishes of the farm such as horse, goat, sheep, chicken, pigion and forest pig. The farm's restaurant is a combination between the tradion and mordern style.
Raising animals technology follows the fresh raising model and be strictly managed with the aim of producing fresh, safe, healthy and delicious food. Besides, fruit and vegetable are planted in fresh and process that guarantees the high quality, the fresh and the nature of the food.
In the afternoon, tourist can visit the area of horse and camel and experience games such as riding horse and games on horseback.
In addition, visitors could come to the area of ostrich with activities such as feeding, riding ostrich, watching ostrich racing. You can visit the area of poultry collection of rare poultry, have an experience at the craft village area of painting statues and pottery making.
Next, you can learn to use farm equipments, learn to be farmer such as planting rice, catch fish, planting vegetables, harvesting fruit and vegetable, as well as participate in games.
Illustrative image.
Illustrative image.
Finally, visitors can buy milk and cheese as gifts for their families. Visiting Detrang Farm will surely bring the "gold" and useful experience and many unforgettable memories to all tourists.
Translated by Nguyen Xuan
Source: Le
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