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Vietnamese boy sets feet in the Himalayas for 7 times

Updated at Thursday, 13 Jul 2017, 14:47
The Hanoitimes - Choosing climbing as his hobby, Hoang Le Giang has reached the Himalayas for seven times and traveled through 30 countries.

Hoang Le Giang is majored in marketing at Jokoping University (Sweden). Possessing a solid body, but people may not know that as a boy, he caught asthma and obesity. However, since 2011, he has chosen climbing as a "life time companion" to improve his health.
Self-determination is the happiest thing
The boy with long hair, special talking style and physical appearance has seven times reached the Himalayas and set foot in 30 countries. With Hoang Le Giang, climbing is a silent journey of "three no": no follower, no opponent, no clap or any acclamation when reaching the top.
Hoang Le Giang said the mountain is not a goal or achievement for him to conquer. The 8x guy did not climb the mountain to be recognized or congratulated, but simply for himself. He is passionate about freedom and wants to experience life more. Each time preparing to climb, he is excited to see what will wait for him ahead.
Though climbing since 2011, Hoang Le Giang has only been noticed recently. "It was the support from the community that helped me complete the trip to the North Pole but the fame is definitely not what I was looking for after the trip," he said.
Hoang Le Giang is happy to be actively confronted and determined to face the challenge.
Hoang Le Giang is happy to be actively confronted and determined to face the challenge.

According to Hoang Le Giang, each person always has the right to choose and decide anything. Regarding to family anxiety, if anyone thinks that this is a barrier, it becomes a barrier. Or everyone can ignore this. However, he chooses to listen, explain his family's anxieties and find the best ways to calm them down. A clear, specific, secure plan and updated message is the way he usually does to ease anxiety.
The principle of "always have the right to choose and decide" is true in every other story of Hoang Le Giang's life. He always considers life as a game. And the rule of the game is determined by himself. That way of thinking helps him to be calm before all events. Even with circumstances that are unlikely to change, he will change his attitude and thoughts to master the game.
When you master your game
Hoang Le Giang told he and his team met an earthquake when climbing in Nepal in 2015. Everyone worried about the road ahead and advised him to return. Facing this difficult situation, Giang compared and weighed on whether to go back or forward. When seeing the level and probability of danger of the two options are the same, he decided to go on and finally reached the destination in happiness.
 Hoang Le Giang in a trip to the Himalayas.
Hoang Le Giang in a trip to the Himalayas.

With Hoang Le Giang, self-regulation does not mean that you have to achieve something at all costs. That is, in any case, try your best and try to get a little more to understand yourself.
In another time, he and his team traveled on the northern Indian glacier, the ice become melt. Under the melting ice, the river is deep and cold. At this time, he thought of jumping down, swimming in the ice or come back. After considering the health of himself and the team, he decided to return. Although it may not be possible for him to go back to that place again, he has no regrets.
"My playing rules are simple, I have to be self-determined, and of course I have to be responsible for those decisions," he said.
In a recent video, Hoang Le Giang shared many times about "good". To him, the concept of "good" changed from time to time. For example, many years ago, he used to think that a comfortable life is good, climbing a mountain is good. Now, his "good” life is enjoying a lot of fun, experiencing each level of emotion and having more "first" moments to remember about.
"The more I climb, the more I see myself as a frog sitting in the bottom of my well, I'm almost 30, equivalent to only 60 more climbing opportunities, so I want to climb more.", he shared.
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