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Govt. launched action program to boost tourism

Updated at Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017, 16:20
The Hanoitimes - The Vietnamese Government recently launched an action programme to carry a Politburo resolution on tourism development into practice.
Tourists go kayaking on Ch​ay River in the Phong Nha – K​e B​ang National Park in Qu​ang B​inh ​province.
Tourists go kayaking on Ch​ay River in the Phong Nha – K​e B​ang National Park in Qu​ang B​inh ​province.
Last January, the Politburo issued a resolution on  making tourism industry   a spearhead economic sector.
To realize the resolution’s targets, the ministries, agencies, and provincial governments will work out  roadmaps to implement eight key tasks, among them, communication works  should be enhanced to raise awareness on the resolution among ministries, provincial governments and  organizations, especially  the Party’s new viewpoint on the tourism sector as well as the role of tourism in driving up other economic sectors development. 
Under the program, the media is asked to intensify the dissemination work to promote the national reputation and the Vietnamese people, raising the social awareness on tourism and ensure that tourism is a constant and key part of their output.
Additionally, tourism restructuring plan must be executed  in line with the market mechanism. Localities with huge tourism potential should formulate their own plans to restructure  tourism sector, while reviewing their current tourism development strategies, with a focus on mobilizing resources for the industry. 
Surveys on the sector need to be accelerated to identify the role of tourism in the national economy and to pinpoint  localities with huge tourism potential.
Guiding documents on enforcing the Law of Tourism 2017 will be elaborated and revised, incentives for the sector will be devised, and financial priority is set to be given to planning, training, human resource development, and promotion work.
Administrative procedure reform needs to be sped up to facilitate tourism development and investment priority lists should be revised, including  key tourism projects.
Relevant legal documents, including the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam and the Law on Investment 2014 need to be revised to create a breakthrough for the sector.
The action programme also mentions measures to fulfill the goals of tourism development, including investment in infrastructure facility, with a focus on roads, railways, aviation, sea and inland waterway to serve tourism.
The programme also stated that tourism enterprises must be aided to expand their products and services. Social organisations are also expected to be better  involved in tourism development.
Tuyet Nhung - VNA
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