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Five most-visited parks in Hanoi

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The Hanoitimes - Hanoi is famous for its green landscape and beautiful enviroment-friendly attractions.
Thong Nhat Park
Thong Nhat Park is located next to Hanoi Circus, about 15 minutes by bike to the Old Quarter. Although Thong Nhat Park is relatively small compare to other botanical parks in the world, its total area of 50ha providing an excellent play ground as well as a training place for physical exercises and sports of the locals.
Hence, strolling around and sightseeing its landscape while breathing its fresh air should be a good idea. Encompassing the park is vast area of lush grasses, high trees and colorful flowers. Thong Nhat Park is especially crowded during summer with people coming there to avoid the heat.
Thu Le Park
Formerly known as Bachthao Gardens, Thu Le Park (Hanoi Zoo) is home to about 800 animals with over 90 different species on exhibition, including big cats, monkeys and reptiles. The zoo is located within Thu Le Park – a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi central. The park also features a lake with pedal boats for kids to enjoy and an ornamental garden for visitors.
The zoo is striving to improve facilities and expertise to bring it on par with other zoos throughout the world and is currently undergoing a conservation-and-breeding programme of animals from Vietnam and other destinations believed to be under threat. The animals on display are located throughout the park meaning you can enjoy the landscaped surroundings as you visit the zoo. There is also a fun park for kids located close by. Hanoi Zoo is located a short taxi ride northeast of the main Hanoi centre.
Lenin Park
Most of the historical sites in Hanoi is located west of Hoan Kiem Lake. Lenin park is located on Dien Bien Phu street (as the name of the town), approximately 1.5 km from the lake on the way to Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. It is not historically significant place in Hanoi, but for a shorter break and watching the local people is not bad.
Skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, football, tai-chi but also motorbikes.Just opposite this park are far more important historical sights of Hanoi – Hanoi Flag tower, Vietnam Military History Museum and the Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long. Almost every day, especially the afternoon you will see a lively and actively-based young and older people. It drives here on skateboards, roller skates, bicycles or play soccer. Park is freely accessible to everyone.
Yen So Park
Located in Hoang Mai District, Yen So Park is one the most beautiful developments in Northern Vietnam. The park is an essential part of the strategic growth plan for Hanoi and will be a major step towards realising the city’s vision for the future.
The masterplan for the 327ha site, which will include five natural lakes surrounding six themed gardens, is set to completely transform the area. The new scheme will include a cultural park, a commercial centre, 5-Star international hotels, shops, office towers and residential zones. The park is equipped with full of sanitation, water bar, bicycle rental service VND 30,000-40,000 per an hour, renting a boat for 50,000 hours. Yen So Park is also a fun green spot for kids, creating a sense of liberal and broad, but still friendly and close to nature. Until now, Yen So Park has been added other works such as: art house gallery, boat house, outdoor theater, maze garden, cultural village, etc. The large park with green spaces, rows of willow, and groups of bamboo makes autumn days become more romantic and poetic.
West Lake Water Park
West Lake Water Park, located in Tay Ho Distric, is opened on 19 May 2000. The park attracts millions of visitors because of its the most modern entertainment facility in South East Asia.The West Lake Water Park coves an area of 35,560 square meters complex with differently entertainment sections.
Among them are seven sliding lanes with the average height of 12 meters, of which two are high-speed lanes ever installed in Vietnam with the height of 14.5 meters. Visitors seeking for strong high surf don’t need to go to the seas because West Lake Water Park features a 3 meters depth wave-making pool with its waves of 1,2 meters high. Extreme experiences can be collected in a system of swinging ropes and diving pool of 3,5 meters in depth. For ones enjoy relaxing moment may lay on a buoy, then let the artificial currents of the 450 meters long “lazy-stream” drive around the park while sunbathing and sightseeing the poetic West Lake outside the complex.
Cam Anh
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