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IT application in tourism activities in Hanoi: An effective “step”

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The Hanoitimes - With the strong impact of the fourth industrial revolution, the capital tourism is about to apply information technology (IT ) in activities to bring great experiences to visitors.

Build a smart city
Together with the huge natural resources, Hanoi is striving to develop a comprehensive, synchronous and socio-economic development solution in association with environmental protection to improve the people life and travel services quality. In which, the city will plant 1 million trees in 5 years; mechanize the waste collection and transportation; improve the water sources quality, control the quality of food hygiene and safety; build 1,000 public toilets by mode of socialization; implement programs to reduce traffic jams; build a high technology center at European medical standards, deploy the installation of friendly BTS stations, integrate wifi at large intersections.
International travelers
International travelers
Along with that, the tourism technical facilities system of the capital is gradually being built. High-class hotels are invested in the center of the city. The development of new tourism products with their own identity has also been strengthened. The city has commenced the construction of Kim Quy cultural, tourist and entertainment Park in Dong Anh district at international standards; sports park, Tuan Chau eco-urban area, Quoc Oai district; conserved and promoted Bat Trang pottery and handicraft villages and Van Phuc silk weaving villages into national and international standards. In 2017-2020 period, the city will set up the National Exhibition and Fair Center in Co Loa area, Dong Anh; There are 2 - 3 international leisure and entertainment resorts; 2 to 3 national and international tourist destinations, and 20 four- five star hotels. In particular, Hanoi is constructing and installing intelligent traffic management center, contributing to reducing traffic congestion, creating favorable conditions for people and tourists, step by step building the electronic government and smart city.
The smart travel system is one of the most effective tools for tourism development, as set out in Resolution No. 06-NQ / TU of Hanoi Party Committee on tourism development for the 2016-2020 period and the subsequent years. By 2020, Hanoi will welcome 30 million visitors, including 5.7 million international visitors with average growth rate of 8 - 10% per year. Total revenue from tourists is VND 120,000 billion, average growth rate is from 15 to 17% ... Currently, the Hanoi Tourism Department is developing a smart travel system to improve the competitiveness in terms of technology, creating many services with high added value, increasing utility for tourists.
As a result, the tourism sector has achieved remarkable success. According to the Department of Tourism, in 10 months in 2017, Hanoi welcomed nearly 20 million visitors, increase by 10% over the same period last year. In particular, international visitors estimated at nearly 4 million, increase by 26%; Total revenue from visitors is estimated at VND 59,000 billion, increase by 16% over the same period in 2016.
Effective tool
Leaders of the Hanoi Tourism Department said that the Hanoi tourism industry has developed five specific solutions, with high application. That is, focus on building the shared data management software of the Hanoi tourism industry in order to manage, collect and share data between units, departments, committees, district, and town and between the Department of Tourism and the residents and enterprises. At the same time, build and renovate the contents of Hanoi tourist information website to meet the function of linking, connecting and being a forum between managers, people, tourists and global companies.
Along with that, the Department is building, developing telecommunications infrastructure for free wifi network in the tourist destinations, hotels and restaurants in the city. On the other hand, creating digital map of Hanoi tourism according to GIS technology to digitize and integrate data into a unified mechanism for the planning and management of tourism in particular and develop the digital map system and the country in general. People and tourists will be the first beneficiaries of this application because they can access information about Hanoi quickly and visually.
In particular, Hanoi is building smart travel application software on mobile devices named "myHanoi" to serve tourists. This application integrates a map of Hanoi tourism, people can find useful information actively during the trip, from the search of basic information on upcoming events, flight and train schedules ... to connect visitors with destinations, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and shopping facilities...
The IT application step of Hanoi will bring more exciting experiences for tourists and at the same time improve the competitiveness of the capital.
Cam Anh - Ho Ha
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