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Updated at Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018, 09:51
The Hanoitimes - You can explore different kinds of murals in Vietnam at Tam Thanh Village, Tan Tich Hamlet, Phung Hung Street…
Tam Thanh Village
Tam Thanh Village.
Tam Thanh Village.
In 2016 a program – backed by the Korean Community Art Exchange Program and the Vietnamese Peoples Committee of Quang Nam province – was established with the aim of creating “art for a better community”. Paintings would bring in tourists.
More than a dozen artists of both South Korean and Vietnamese descent spent two weeks in this tight-knit community painting over 100 murals across walls, fences, and facades.
Tam Thanh is home to 20 or 30 very close families. They’ve survived off the sea for generations and have in large part missed out on the economic transformation taking place in Saigon, Hanoi, or nearby Hoi An. The location was chosen based both on their background and on the physical make-up of the village itself. The buildings are clustered tightly together and provide an ambling sort of canvas.
The murals are intended to portray the family, nature, and culture that infuses this village with energy. Their vivid colours now go from home to home all along the narrow streets. The colourful alleyways entice travellers to wander deeper into this strange new world.
Australia - Vietnam art project decorates village
Australia - Vietnam art project decorates village.
Australia - Vietnam art project decorates village.
Old houses in Tan Tich Hamlet, Cao Lanh City, in the southern province of Dong Thap, are being colourfully decorated as part of the Australia - Vietnam Mural Village art project, which is being conducted within the area.
The mural village is expected to be a destination that will attract more tourists to the region and demonstrate the friendship between the two nations. There will be over 60 paintings of various sizes, created by nearly 30 artists from Australia and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as students from Dong Thap University
Each painting will have features of Australian and Vietnamese cultures, such as the images of the kangaroo, koala, and typical images of Dong Thap Province’s tourism, such as the lotus or the mandarin orchards.
The mural project with the topic of “Hanoi old memories”
Phung Hung Street.
Phung Hung Street.
The mural project with the topic of “Hanoi old memories” on Phung Hung Street is on the way to complete. The railway arch spans on Phung Hung Street have become colorful canvas, due to an art project by  Hoan Kiem People's Committee collaborating with UN-Habitat and the Korea Foundation.
The project “Mural on Phung Hung Street” belongs to the programme to introduce art into urban areas. This mural project was approved by Hanoi People’s Committee in August.
The art works show a changing Hanoi while preserving traditional elements. The artists also hope to tighten the friendship between the two countries and promote Hanoi on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Vietnam as member of United Nations and 25th anniversary of Vietnam - South Korea formal diplomatic ties. The artwork convey message of a thousand-year-old Hanoi facing with vast changes, however still preserve culture essence and traditional traits.
The second road of murals in Hanoi
Dan Phuong District.
Dan Phuong District.
Filling street walls with murals belong to regional campaign: "streets with flowers". Up to now, the commune has completed nearly 300 meters of wall mural and 1,4 km of flower and ornamental lines paintings in Dong Khe and Doai Khe villages. Dan Phuong Youth Union members are author of these artworks. Beside creating topic, ideas for the mural, they directly set up a volunteer team and mobilize funds to turn these ideas into reality.
It’s hard to imagine that this neighbourhood’s history is deeply rooted in poverty and trash strewn everywhere. Now a 200-metre mural on a wall has changed all that. Many youths spend nearly a month painting the street art. The cost of the artwork is about US$880 paid for by the Dan Phuong Steering Committee. A Dan Phuong Steering Committee member says that now the streets are always bright and clean as people no longer throw their garbage on the ground like they used to.
Ha Phuong