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Hanoi Tourism Department to boost cooperation with Qatar Airways

Updated at Tuesday, 03 Oct 2017, 15:11
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi-Doha direct air route is on the way to be launched next year.
Hanoi Tourism Department has asked Qatar Airway to boost cooperation in tourism promotion.
In a meeting with Qatar Airway representative on Friday, the Department chief, Tran Duc Hai, said his agency is willing to support the airliner’s promotion activities and support its operations in Vietnam. The airliner chief representative in Hanoi, Jeanie Jin, said a direct flight between Hanoi and Doha will facilitate tourism activities. The direct air service is expected to be launched next January.
Tran Duc Hai - Director of Hanoi Tourism Department
Qatar, along with other Middle East markets are important ones, sending large flux of tourists to Hanoi city. However, the tourist exchanging still limited compared to vast potential. Hence, to promote the tourist development between Hanoi and Qatar, Hanoi Tourism Department is in high hope that Qatar Airway positively propaganda, promote tourist destinations in Hanoi in video clips, printed materials released by the airline to serve customer in flight. At the same time, the airline would introduce Hanoi Tourism Department’s publication at aviation event hold by Qatar Airway such as: Show Hanoi tourism promotion video clip made by CNN during flight of the airway… and send Qatari press, tourist enterprise to take famtrip in Hanoi, and vice versa.
On the other hand, Hanoi Tourist Department suggests the Airway support Hanoi tourist companies in offering free flight ticket to Middle East markets, Free shipping promotion material as well as other priorities for foreign enterprise using the Airway service to come to Hanoi for operate and seek opportunities.
According to Director Tran Duc Hai saying on September 29, Hanoi welcomes over 4 million foreign visitors each year. Currently, 24 international airlines are operating flights to Hanoi-based Noi Bai International Airport.
Hai pledged that Hanoi will help Qatar Airways promote its images, while creating optimal conditions for the airline to operate in Vietnam. Hanoi Tourist Department wouldu enhance training high-quality human resources to meet the demand of Middle East tourist to Hanoi, as well as encourage some restaurants in the city to serve Muslims food besides Vietnamese cuisine… to attract more Qatari travelers.  
Jeanie Jin, chief of the Qatar Airways Office in Hanoi

For her part, Jeanie Jin, chief of the Qatar Airways Office in Hanoi, said that the airline has run flights to 150 destinations across the globe.
According to her, Qatar is currently open for tourist flux with preferred visa policy. Specifically, Qatar exempts visa for citizens from 80 countries, but not Vietnam. Especially, in 2020, Qatar would host the World Cup with numerous famous constructions waiting  to be constructed. To attract more tourist, the country decided to launch the direct air route of Hanoi-Doha.
Chief of the Qatar Airways Office in Hanoi expressed hope that the launching of the Hanoi-Doha direct air route will help boost tourism cooperation between Vietnam and Qatar. “In fact, there’re still limited flux of Qatari tourists to Vietnam. After this meeting, we would collaborate closely with Hanoi Tourist Department as well as the municipal tourist enterprises, journalists to enhance bilateral tie, attracting more tourist from Qatar to Vietnam and vice versa”, Jeanie Jin said.
Nguyen Nhat Phuong, from travel firm Saigontourist, proposed that Qatar Airways loosen its regulations on group tours while cooperating with Vietnamese firms and offer ticket promotions to introduce new destinations and promote tourism.
The Hanoi-Doha direct air route is scheduled to operate from January 2, 2018, which is expected to foster the Vietnam-Qatar connectivity. Currently, flights between Vietnam and Qatar have to transit in Bangkok.
Cam Anh - Ho Ha
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