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Cooperation with airlines to attract tourists to Hanoi

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The Hanoitimes - To increase the attractiveness of tourism in the capital, Hanoi tourism has been and will continue to promote cooperation with major airlines. It is also considered as “the most important element” to attracting tourists in the smokeless industry of Hanoi’s tourism.
Foreigners to Noi Bai International Airports, Hanoi.
Foreigners to Noi Bai International Airports, Hanoi.
On-site promotion
The travel companies said that airfare is the most important factor of tour cost accounting for 50% of the international tour cost, 30% of the domestic one. For this reason, aviation is one important link that creates attractive tourism products.
Therefore, Hanoi Tourism Department has cooperated with top international airlines named Emirates and Qatar Airways in September.
According to Mr. Tran Duc Hai, who is director of Hanoi Tourism Department, over thousand years of its eventful history, Hanoi is rich in natural resources as well as tourism products, especially cultural tourism. There are 5,922 historical and cultural sites, especially 3 tangible and intangible heritages recognized by UNESCO as world heritages; 1,350 craft villages, among those are 47 traditional crafts; some of 130 museums listed as leading ones in Asia region. With those potentials, Hanoi is the host to 806 international travel companies, 3,081 tourist accommodation including many five-star hotels of international famous brand. Noi Bai – Hanoi International Airport offers direct flight routes to more than 40 countries as well as domestic and international airlines. Thus, it is a convenient connection to international tourist markets and famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.
Meanwhile, the head offices of Qatar Airways and Emirates locates in the Middle East which is an important market, sending large flux of tourists to Hanoi city. However, the tourist exchanging still limited compared to vast potential. Hence, Hanoi Tourism Department is in high hope that Qatar Airways and Emirates plan the on-site promotion by positively propaganda, promote tourist destinations in Hanoi in printed materials, video clips released by the airlines to serve customer in flight. At the same time, the airline would introduce Hanoi Tourism Department’s publication at travel and aviation events hold by the above-mentioned airlines and offer free flight tickets to companies researching in Middle East markets.
A golden-egg opportunity
Recognizing that cooperation with the capital tourism brings a golden-egg opportunity, Jeanie Jin, Chief of the Qatar Airways Office in Hanoi, said that “in 2020, Qatar would host the World Cup attracting more tourist to Qatar in general, Doha Capital in particular, the country decided to launch the direct air route of Hanoi-Doha on January 02, 2018.
In fact, there’re still limited flux of Qatari tourists to Vietnam. In Asia, most of flights have to transit in Thailand. After this meeting, we would collaborate closely with Hanoi Tourism Department as well as the tourist companies to enhance bilateral connectivity in attracting more tourist from Qatar and other airlines to Hanoi”.
It is known that Hanoi Tourism Department will combine with Qatar Airways, Emirates and major airlines to propaganda and promote tourism. At the same time, they also coordinate with each other  to welcome of the market research commission to survey tourism, services in Hanoi and vice versa; to advise competent state authorities to create a good mechanism, especially visa policy to attract international tourists. Besides, it is necessary to create the tour program including shopping, entertainment, dining; to train human resources in order to meet transportation demand for tourists who come from the Middle East and other key markets to Hanoi.
According to Chairman of Hanoi Tourism Association Nguyen Quang Lan, 
Qatar is a five-star airline which has run flights to 150 destinations across the globe. Market and on-site promotions by Hanoi Tourism Department, Qatar Airways and Emirates help to attract more tourists from the Middle East market and hundreds of destinations of two above-mentioned airlines that does not take much time and cost. Moreover, Qatar Airways and Emirates also have opportunities to increase the number of tourists. This is a politic cooperation which should be strengthened in the future.
Ho Ha - Mai Nguyen
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